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The Best Tool for Photography Blog Posts


If you’re looking for the Best Tool for Photography Blog Posts, look no further. Picnook MyBlog is a Blogging Tool Integrated with Google Trends, with Built-In SEO Optimization and easy-to-use, Automated Photo Blog Layouts.

Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life,

…and then you realized that running a photography business is so much more than just epic photoshoots and beautiful galleries. It’s admin, accounting, marketing, website maintenance, SEO, blogging… and that’s not to mention the countless apps, software subscriptions and plug-ins we supposedly need! 

It can be overwhelming, we know.

The good news? 

Picnook is here to take a few of those things off of your plate – or at least, to make them quick & easy, instead of long & stressful. And they’re not just any old things – they’re the tasks that, with just a little bit of effort, will help your business grow while you sleep or while you’re on vacation or while you’re off actually taking photos. You guessed it, to start, we’re here to make SEO & blog layouts both easy and unique. This way you can stop searching for your ideal client, because they’ll come straight to you. 

Do what you really love. Automate the rest. 


  • Photo Blog Layouts that Tell Stories
    - Easy Photo Layouts: Drag and Drop
    - The Magic of Movement: Movies & GIFs
    - Create Emotion with Music
  • Integrated with Google Trends
  • Built-In SEO Optimization
  • Compatible with Any Website Platform (and Your Branding)
  • Accessible from Anywhere, Anytime

Photo Blog Layouts that Tell Stories

If you’re a bit of a marketing nerd, you’ll know that storytelling is all the rage these days. (And if you’re not, there’s no need to worry! We’ve got you). 

Storytelling is so important because it draws your clients in. The first challenge of marketing these days is holding somebody’s attention for more than 3 seconds. The key to that is showcasing something unique, something eye-catching, something that solves their problem. 

Compared to traditional marketing, storytelling is also more likely to create an emotional response in your potential clients. That emotional response will help them to feel connected to you and your business, meaning they’re more likely to book your services or buy your products.

As a photographer, you already tell stories every day, whether you realize it or not! But we know how hard it can be to share those stories in a way that is easy for you and that converts clients. That’s why we set out to create the Best Tool for Photography Blog Posts. As photographers ourselves, we were tired of fussing over SEO, jumping from app to app, and wasting countless hours creating layouts. And at long last, it’s here – one tool to make sharing your stories easy.

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Easy Photo Layouts: Drag and Drop

Hands down one of the most time-consuming elements of blogging as a photographer are uploading each image one-by-one to your blog. And seeing as we photographers are visual people, making sure your photo layout looks beautiful only adds to the stress and time. 

We knew that to make blogging easy and fast, this was the first problem we needed to solve. 

This is why we created the drag and drop feature. Here, you can easily drop all of the images you want to include into a blog post. If you want a simple stacked gallery, the image layout will immediately be ready to go! Otherwise, you can drag the images to create collages, and crop & resize them to create unique, eye-catching layouts that tell a story.

The Magic of Movement: Movies & GIFs

Movies are the latest and greatest trend – and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Instagram’s announcement on June 30, 2020 that they’re no longer just a photo sharing app sent the photographer community into a frenzy. What did this mean? How are we supposed to keep up? 

The thing is, it’s not just Instagram. Research from Oberlo shows that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands they follow, and that includes you! In fact, a related survey by Render Forest shows that including video on your website increases conversion rates by up to 31%

There is no need to stress though. A video could just be a few simple GIFs, or some Behind-the-Scenes iPhone shots from the day, and Picnook MyBlog has you covered here as well. All you need to do is upload your YouTube or Vimeo link to the MyBlog app to include it in your blog post. No need to worry about resizing or fiddling with tricky uploaders – we’ll embed it for you. 

SEO tip: best practice is to use YouTube for your videos or GIFs! Google owns YouTube and so there’s heavy overlap here. If people are spending longer on your website, or longer on YouTube thanks to your website, you’ll score bonus points with Google’s algorithms.

Create Emotion with Spotify

Music is an incredible tool, and it’s one that is so often forgotten when it comes to blogging for photographers. Don’t just take our word for it though – studies show that the part of the brain that processes music is the same that processes emotions and memories . Music can immediately set the tone and emotions that your audience will have when reading a blog, and it adds another element to the story you tell. 

Perhaps you’ve never thought about including music – and we don’t blame you! It’s usually not easy to add background music to your blog posts. But no longer! With Picnook MyBlog, you can easily add music using a simple Spotify link or by uploading a custom file. Sure, we might be biased, but this is just one of the extra features that elevate Picnook, making it the Best Tool for Photography Blog Posts

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I want to try!

One of the trickiest parts of Optimizing for SEO is knowing the right keyword to use. And it sure doesn’t help that in theory, this is the first step of writing a blog post. There’s no need to let your anxiety around not knowing stop you before you even begin though. Picnook is a Blogging Tool Integrated with Google Trends , so that knowing which keyword to use is easy. 

Google Trends is a tool that uses real-time data to let you know if a keyword is being searched for. Basically, does the keyword you’re using actually have value. More than that, Google Trends will let you know what else people search for in connection with your keyword. 

A key component of writing SEO Optimized blogs is creating useful content for your potential clients. These related search terms literally tell you exactly what else your client wants to know! By using them for new blog posts, or as topics to talk about within the same blog post, you’ll already be well on your way to creating brilliant, SEO-optimized content. All you need to do is click on the ‘Compare in Google Trends’ button that’s integrated into Picnook’s Built-In SEO Optimization tool. 

Built-In SEO Optimization

As a photographer, it can be hard to keep track of all the software, tools and apps that we supposedly ‘need’ to have. From the obvious ones like Lightroom and Photoshop, to the more obscure, like apps for Instagram story layouts or to see how people interact with your website. Not to mention the plugins for WordPress, Wix, Squarespace… phew. It’s exhausting! 

That’s why we integrated SEO Optimization into PicNook MyBlog. There’s no need to bounce from one app or plugin or software to another to make sure you’re on the right track. Simply click on the SEO tab, where you’ll be able to update your Google Preview and follow a simple SEO Analysis checklist. Our SEO Analysis includes everything you need to Optimize your blog posts, including:

  • Keyword usage
  • Title length
  • Description
  • Alt text
  • Title readability

And let’s not forget that  Picnook is a Blogging Tool Integrated with Google Trends! Google Trends makes finding keywords easy, and will help you to use the right keywords to find your ideal client. Our Built-In SEO Optimization tool not only ensures your blog post will be SEO-ready, it will also help you cut down on the endless apps and plugins.

Compatible with Any Website (and Your Branding)

Just like almost everything else in life, website platforms are not one-size-fits-all. That’s why some of our favorite photographers swear by WordPress, others love Squarespace, some can’t live without Wix – and this list is by no means exhaustive! We want Picnook to be the Best Tool for Photography Blog Posts for everyone, so it’s compatible with any website platform (this of course includes Flothemes!). Just copy and paste the html code over to your website platform to embed your post. It really is that simple!

Not just that, we’ve made sure that, regardless of the website platform you use, you’ll be able to ensure your Picnook blogs are consistent with your branding. Upload your brand fonts using Google Fonts support and adjust everything from font size spacing to margins and colors. Picnook also includes Header styles from H1 to H6, so that you can make the most out of the keywords you’ve found using our Integrated Google Trends tool.

Accessible From Anywhere, Anytime

Half the fun of being a photographer is that so often, we’re on the move. We’re on the road for shoots, meeting clients, or scouting out new locations. Or maybe you’re just happier cuddled up on the couch and can’t be bothered walking to your home office! No matter where you find yourself, sometimes your downtime while out and about is the perfect time to tackle some admin, or why not? To get some blogs up! 

We know that the best time to get something done isn’t always when you’re sitting comfortably at your desk, so we ensured Picnook will be available wherever you need it, with whatever device you use (as long as you have an internet connection!). 

Simply log in, and start creating – whether that’s from your tablet, your laptop, or your desktop. It really is that simple.

Are you ready to get back to doing what you love?

Spend more time taking photos and let Picnook MyBlog help you to automate the rest.

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Still not convinced Picnook is the Best Tool for Photography Blog Posts? Why not try out our free 14-day trial – no obligation, just a chance to see what Picnook can do for you. 

Do you have questions about any of Picnook’s features? Whether you want to know more about Automated Photo Blog Layouts, Blogging Tool Integrated with Google Trends, or our Built-In SEO Optimization – or something totally different! – we’d love to hear from you. Just sound off in the comments below, or get in touch with our support team here.

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