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Blogging Made Easy

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Blogging Made Easy with Picnook

Blogging Made Easy, from Creating Narrative Photography with Ease to Responsive Custom Blog Layouts, and easy in-built tips Making SEO & Copywriting Easy.

Picture this – you’ve just wrapped the most epic photoshoot. You’re so proud of the work, and you cannot wait to share it with the world. All your hard work booking the client, scouting locations, and creating a beautiful experience for them has paid off. You’ve edited the photos, sent the gallery to the client, and perhaps even posted on social media but… it’s not enough. How could one social media post ever fully showcase the heart & soul you poured into this work? 

So, you decide to create a blog post. A task, that should take 10 minutes though, turns into hours of struggling with photo layouts and frustration at your website’s limitations. And let’s not even start with how to figure out the right keywords to optimize for SEO…

As a photographer, you know that blogging is a good thing for your business. It shows off the very best of your work and helps new clients to connect with you. 

But blogging regularly is hard, right? 

Designing photo layouts, figuring out keywords, understanding SEO… 

As photographers ourselves, we were tired of running into problem after problem while blogging, and of having to jump from one application to another to finish a single blog post. We knew there had to be a better way. 

Blogging made easy

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Don’t just take our word for it though – check out what other photographers are saying about Picnook…


  • Blogging Made Easy
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Blogging Made Fast & Easy

seo photo blogging

We’re going to take an (educated) guess and say that the number one thing holding you back from blogging is that it’s time-consuming. Tom, from Wilczkiewicz Photography , had the same struggle. 

“Building blog posts in WordPress was hard and time-consuming, so I didn’t blog too often. The issue after the issue appeared, and then if I changed my website theme, I had to start again from scratch. With Picnook, I do not have any similar issues! As a visual learner, the drag & drop option to create photo layouts is a perfect solution for me.”

Picnook MyBlog is designed to be intuitive and to simplify your workflow. We know that you have a lot more than just blogging on your plate and that you don’t have time to spend hours learning the ins and outs of another app. Using Picnook MyBlog is as simple as uploading your photos and dragging & dropping them to create an automatic photo layout.

Create Narrative Photography with Ease

More than creating simple blog layouts, Picnook enables you to Create Narrative Photography with Ease. Photographers are creatives at heart, and we know that the best way to showcase our work isn’t necessarily by stacking one image on top of another. Instead, you can harness the emotion of your work through unique, creative photo layouts. These layouts will make your website stand out to clients, while building a unique experience for them from the moment they land on your website.  

Picnook MyBlog enables you to create something truly unique with the click of a button, using our flip, recycle, and aspect ratio features.

  • Flip: flip the image 
  • Recycle: see the image in different placements within the image block
  • Aspect Ratio: choose between 11 different aspect ratios

Rhianna, from Rhianna May Photography says, “I really wanted to create unique blog layouts but I’m a perfectionist and I get too caught up in details. I’ve tried other photo blogging applications, but I wasted too much time trying to create something unique & interesting. Picnook’s Recycle feature has been a game-changer for me and has made blogging so simple!”

Blogging with ease

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Making SEO Content Creation Easy

seo photo blogging

Of course, the next big hurdle when it comes to blogging is SEO. What is it? How does it work? Most importantly, how on earth do you use SEO to grow your business and find your ideal clients? 

The good news is SEO is simpler than you think (yes, really!). The even better news is Picnook MyBlog has integrated search engine optimization tools that make advanced SEO Content Creation Easy, including an Uncomplicated Keyword Planner, Image Optimization, and Educational Blog Content. 

Kamil of Kamil Gaszynski Photography says, “These SEO instructions are amazing, with all the clues in one place! Following Picnook’s inbuilt SEO has helped me improve my site’s visibility, and my blog posts have more visitors. Nice!”

Easy-to-Use Keyword Planner

Deciding on the right keyword to use is the first step to creating useful SEO Optimized Content. That’s why we integrated Picnook MyBlog with Google Trends. This way, you can easily check not only the search volume of a certain keyword but relevant searches that are doing well in real-time. The best keywords aren’t always what you expect them to be, but Google Trends will immediately let you know, what the right keywords are.

From there, you can use our advanced integrated search engine optimization to make sure you’re maximizing your post’s SEO potential.

Curious to learn more about our Advanced Integrated Search Engine Optimization tools and Google Trends? Check out our Introduction Post where we talk about some of MyBlog’s best features.

Optimize Your Images

For photographers, one of the most important but overlooked aspects of SEO is Optimizing Your Images, including image resizing, and alt text. 

  • Resize Your Images 

Picnook will automatically resize your images so that they don’t slow down your site speed. Plus, the photos will be uploaded from a different server than your page. This might seem like a small detail, but according to research by Neil Patel , 47% of consumers expect a website to load in no more than two seconds. Any longer and you run the risk of them leaving!

  • Alt Text

Alt Texts, or Alternative Texts, the primary function isn’t actually for SEO, it’s for accessibility. Visually impaired people use screen readers to understand a site’s content. In order to read a photo, the screen reader reads the alt text to them, so alt text should be descriptive first & foremost. This information is then also used by Google and other search engine crawlers to understand the function of an image, and to help index a page. With Picnook, including Alt Text in your blog is easy – you simply type in the image description when you add the image to a blog layout. 

Make your photos visible

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Educational SEO Blog Content

Finally, we won’t leave you in the dark. What’s the best practice for Alt Text? How can you make the most of Google Trends to plan an effective keyword strategy? Does the word count on a blog matter and how do you include the keywords in the text? 

Over time, we’ll be answering all of these questions and more with ongoing Educational SEO Blog Content. SEO is constantly changing as Google updates its algorithm and learns more about how to create useful content that people want to see. By following a few simple steps though, it really is easy to make the most of SEO so that you can grow your business and get back to doing what you love – taking photos! 

“I’m not an expert in SEO but Picnook has put everything I need at my fingertips. Without their great SEO tips, I don’t think my blog posts would even have been seen by Google… or they’d appear may be on page 10. Really, the SEO hints are gold!”

Tom, Wilczkiewicz Photography

Responsive Custom Blog Layouts

Of course, you can create the most beautiful blog post that’s optimized for SEO and tells an epic story, but if it’s not responsive, what’s the point? According to a study by Perficient , over 68% of all website visits in 2020 came from mobile devices. Users on their phones also tend to be less forgiving and are more likely to leave your website quickly if the page doesn’t load fast enough.

The last thing you want is for a potential client to visit your website from their phone and only get half the picture! It’s a surefire way to lose their interest. That’s why all blog posts created with Picnook MyBlog are automatically responsive and mobile-friendly, to provide a seamless experience for your audience

More than that, we know photographers are often on the go, and working across multiple devices themselves. With Picnook, we’ve Made Blogging Easy by ensuring you can work anytime, from anywhere. MyBlog is compatible with Mac and PC, and allows remote access through the cloud, so you can work when you want, from wherever you want. 

“As a frequent traveler, having Picnook available on all my devices is so important for me. I find some of my most productive time is spent on long train or plane rides, when I have time to catch up on all the backend aspects of my business, like blogging! Truly, Picnook is the blogging platform I’d been waiting for!”

Rhianna, Rhianna May Photography

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