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Become a Picnook Partner

Become a Picnook Partner, picnook ambassador, picnook program

At Picnook, we want to help you do more than just create beautiful, SEO-optimized blog posts.

We want to create a supportive community for photographers, where you can inspire (or be inspired), improve, get noticed, and even earn. Rather than just creating another Facebook group though, we wanted to do something real. Something that could truly have a positive impact on you and your business, and that meets you where you’re at. So, we created the Picnook Partners Program. Whether you love Instagram, you’re a master at blogging, or you’re running a workshop and you’d love to share Picnook with your students, we’ve got something for you. 

Join our community of professional photographers

Share your art


  • Inspire: Blogging Partners
  • Improve: Workshop Partners
  • Get Noticed: Instagram Partners
  • Influence: Become a Picnook Ambassador

Inspire: Blogging Partners

Blogging is something we know so many photographers struggle with, from creating beautiful layouts to choosing the right words. If you’re the exception to that rule though, then you know something that is SO valuable to other photographers. Really! There are so many photographers out there who are desperate to crack the code to create blog posts that sell, and we’d love to help you share your talent and grow your audience.

If you:

  • Know that blogging is the future for your photography business
  • You’re skilled in photography, copywriting, and combining those elements to create blog posts that sell
  • Are curious, motivated, and willing to share your experience and knowledge with others

Then we’re ready to offer you a platform to share your work, strengthen your brand awareness and scale up your search results. We provide you, our new blogging partner, with a space to share your content with our followers, boosting your SEO and widening your reach.

Improve: Workshop Partners

There’s never a bad moment for a good quality workshop. We know that professional photographers who are truly passionate about their craft are constantly on the lookout for the next workshop or course that can take their photos to the next level. If you’re one of the people running those workshops, then we already know that you are passionate, organized, and ready to take the lead (which means we’re extra sure that you’ll love Picnook MyBlog!), and we’d love to help share your workshop with the world. 

Picnook is offering selected Workshop Partners discounted subscriptions to share with attendees, as well as a platform to get your workshop noticed (and seats filled) by a community of innovative, trendsetting photographers.

Get Noticed: Instagram Partners

If you’re a social media whiz – or heck, even if you just love sharing your best work on social media pages like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook – then this is the partnership option for you. Every month, Picnook is excited to showcase some of our community’s best talent with our “shot of the month” competition. There will be 1 winning picture each month which will be shared with our community through an exclusive “story of the shot” interview and social media feature. Even more than that, the winner will receive a yearly subscription to the MyBlog BASIC plan for free!

Influence: Become a Picnook Ambassador

The secret is out – passive income is an absolute gamechanger. And while we know that money talks, that’s not really the reason we decided to start an Affiliate Program for our Picnook Ambassadors. Honestly, we just want to thank you for being as passionate about Picnook as we are and sharing it with your own community. Offering you a percentage of the sales you help us generate seems like the least we can do! 

Our Picnook Ambassadors are true innovators. They are leaders in their field, who are motivated, tech-savvy, energetic, positive, smart and efficient. They take epic photographs but also understand the ins and outs of running a successful business. Most importantly, they believe in the values of community over competition and are excited to share business and photography tips and tricks with their own audience. 

Benefits reserved exclusively for our Picnook Ambassadors include:

  • Commissions on sales 
  • A listing on our website
  • Features across Picnook’s social media channel
  • So much more

Are you ready to Become a Partner with Picnook? Head over to our Partnership page to learn more about our partnership options that will help you Inspire, Improve, Get Noticed and Influence.

Are you curious what all the fuss is about? Give Picnook a try today, for free. We’re sure you’ll be looking into Picnook Partnership options in no time!

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